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    Sod/Turf & Seed
    Southland Sod – Marathon Sod is made up of thousands of tiny live individual grass plants. Marathon I, II and III are different from one another in terms of progressively slower growth rates. No sod, including Marathon, is immune to burn from dog urine. The severity of the burn is related to soil moisture and weather. Wet lawns do not burn as easily as dry lawns. Winter dormant creeping turf varieties such as Bermuda, Zoysia and St. Augustine will recover from burn by sending runners to fill in the spot.

    Evergreen Varieties | Winter Dormant Varieties | Fertilizers | Artificial Turf

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    100% improved tall fescue. Easy care, slightly coarser, and more fibrous than bluegrass. Most rapid growing, rugged and durable of the Marathon family. Stays green year-round and adapts well to a variety of Southern California climates and soils. Seed mix available also.

    Evergreen Varieties
    Marathon I Sod
    Evergreen Varieties
    Marathon II Sod
    Evergreen Varieties
    Marathon III Sod
    Evergreen Varieties
    Evergreen Varieties
    Evergreen Varieties